Would you like to leap straight into the answer? For most people, the right payment processor is definitely Helcim, Payment Depot, or Square. You need to be able to receive orders from your clients to run a completely functioning e-commerce website.

About this, there is no way. Your whole organization revolves around being paid. That’s why you’re going to start selling online first to earn money. But there are plenty of various online payment approval options.

Your payment gateway has to be a priority, whether you have an existing e-commerce website or launching an e-commerce site from scratch. For you to think, these are the top choices. So, KeepABit reviews suggest you go through the whole content.


For the payment criteria, Helcim is a one-stop-shop option. They have what you need to start selling, from fantastic point-of-sale hardware to their e-commerce payments. They also provide a forum through Helcim to create an online shop for you.

It is on its platform and comes with its built-in payment processor. It’s also incredibly flexible and comes with some great-looking themes by nature. They also offer a dedicated shop for food orders, just if you’re a chef looking for a good place to handle pickups and orders for delivery.

They’ve got you protected if you even have an online shop. Their fully hosting payment pages allow you, without any coding experience, to add payment options to your site.

If you are new to selling something, you might want to consider reading Keep A Bit review before you decide on investing with them for a good way to make money through the Internet. It is always a good idea to have a little bit of help when you start out.

Payment Depot

For their subscription fee-based pricing model and their low transaction costs, Payment Depot touts itself as the “Costco of credit card processing.” Just how lower are they? For an unlimited subscription, they may get as little as $0.05 a month.

While the membership fees might sound like a lot of cash per month, you can really save cash when it comes to the payment fees, which will add up with time. And the payments they have for processing are not percentage-based.

Instead, the fixed-rate per transaction ranges from $0.05-$0.15. If you’re a bigger organization that does a lot of business per month, this makes Payment Depot a highly profitable option. You’re going to get considerably more savings than standard swap + pricing.


Square is generally synonymous with the in-person payments POS schemes. But the website also has e-commerce options. For those of you who have physical retail locations and want to start selling online, this is a fantastic opportunity, especially if you already have a Square POS scheme.

If you plan to open retail stores in addition to your e-commerce site, it’s still a fantastic choice. Compared to the other strategies on our list, Square is priced competitively. The addition of the Square payment portal to your website is not a subscription fee.

Much like Stripe and PayPal, they charge you 2.9 percent + $0.30 per purchase. It’s quick to incorporate Square into the eCommerce site. Any of their e-commerce partners include: So if you are actually using one of these sites for your e-commerce store, it would be a breeze to add Square.


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